All of the information you need to create your brand identity information can be found in this branding book called Branding Beyond Logos by Ainsley Moir

Branding Beyond Logos to Create a Better Brand Identity

  Great brands don’t just happen. They’re engineered. - Ainsley Moir   Do You Brand? Have you spent time engineering your brand? Have you worked to find your business voice? Does everything you produce fall in line with your company values? If you feel lost when it comes to branding for your company than I … Continue reading Branding Beyond Logos to Create a Better Brand Identity

I Recommend…. The Suitcase Entrepreneur

For business inspiration, one of the people that I follow is Natalie Sisson. Natalie is a New Zealand native with a thirst for adventure and dedication to living a life of freedom. She is the author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur and host of her own Quest for Freedom podcast and vlog. Natalie started her digital … Continue reading I Recommend…. The Suitcase Entrepreneur