Tool Tip: Canva Color Palette Generator

Ever have a picture that you loved and wished you could replicate the color palette? Well, Canva has got you covered. While there are a lot of good color palette generators out there (Material Palette, Paletton, Adobe Color Wheel and Color Palettes just to name a few) Canva is the only one, that I know of, that allows you to upload your own photo and have a palette generated for you with the associated hex codes and everything.

How it Works:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload or drag and drop you image
  3. Wait a few seconds for it to load…
  4. Voila! Your color palette is your oyster!

Now from this point there isn’t a way to download the palette so if you like it you’ll want to take a screenshot of the page for future reference. Or if you like all but one of the colors, for example, you could put it in to one of the generators mentioned above and trade out that color for one that is still complementary, but that you like better.

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Why I’m Loving Dubsado as My New CRM System

I’ve been using Dubsado for a couple of months now and I’m absolutely loving it! I also have a client who uses the system so between the two of us I’ve been able to test out a lot of the features, although I’m sure I’m still not using it to its fullest capabilities. Below are some of my top reasons why I’m loving my new CRM system so far and why I would recommend it to any business.


1) Automated Workflows

Want that email sent after the client signs their contract? Check.

Want your recurring invoices and reminder emails to be sent on time every time? Check.

Have a long complicated on-boarding series that is eating up all of your time? Dubsado has got you covered.

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Digital Spring Cleaning

Do you have Spring fever? Are you craving warmth, sunshine and Bar-B-Qs in the backyard? 

You’re not alone! The shedding of your winter coat for a sundress and flip flops is always a welcomed time of year. And while you may or may not undertake the annual tradition of deep cleaning your house, it may be a good idea this year to sweep out some digital dust.

If you are online in any capacity, chances are your computer & phone could use a good Spring Cleaning. The wider your digital footprint the more opportunities hackers have to access your information and wreak havoc on your life. Cleaning up isn’t just for pure satisfaction, but also for security. 

Even if you are a very organized person (like me) and try to be mindful of what information you put online, there are still some things you could probably sure up and leave behind.

So are you ready for a little Digital Spring Cleaning? Below are some suggestions and tips to get started. (no rubber gloves required)


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I Recommend…. The Suitcase Entrepreneur

For business inspiration, one of the people that I follow is Natalie Sisson. Natalie is a New Zealand native with a thirst for adventure and dedication to living a life of freedom. She is the author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur and host of her own Quest for Freedom podcast and vlog.

Natalie started her digital nomad journey without any idea how she would do it but with the will to make it work. Someone suggested the name “Suitcase Entrepreneur” and her business was born. She teaches others how to build a profitable business that can be done from anywhere in the world and she’s been a huge inspiration to me as I’ve began my journey!

I recently finished reading her book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, which was updated and re-published in 2017. It was such an informative, helpful and honest book about getting started as a digital nomad, that I highly recommend it to others who are looking to do the same. 

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Trello and Why I Use It Everyday

As a Virtual Assistant I always have a long lists of tasks to complete. Whether it’s for clients, my business or my life. The list is always ongoing and ever changing.

I recently posted an article about the Eisenhower Matrix Principle and how I go about prioritizing each task. Today I’m going to go over how I use Trello to stay on top of my tasks after determining their importance.

First though, here is a list of the many reasons I love Trello:

  1. It’s clean and simple
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Drag and Drop (everything!)
  4. Use colored tags to break up tasks visually
  5. Add due dates and checklists within tasks
  6. Upload documents, images, articles to reference or use later
  7. Choose a background image that is visually appealing
  8. Have separate boards if needed (I currently use 2 boards)
  9. Use Power Ups to add even more functionality to your board
  10. It integrates with A LOT of other online systems
  11. Their blog and tips are always super helpful

So….What is Trello?

Trello is an online productivity platform that allows you to create lists with tasks (on what they call cards). You can use the board solo or to collaborate. You can add descriptions, tags, due dates, comments, checklists, and more to each card.

How much does it cost?

Trello has a free forever plan! Depending on your level of need this plan can likely be all that you will ever need. As your team and or needs grow you can always upgrade to the Business or Enterprise plans.

You can sign up here!

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