A little More about me…..

And I want to help you live the life of freedom & flexibility you deserve.

My love affair with world travel all started when I spent a summer abroad in London. Before it was time to go home, I was figuring out how to get back. After graduation, I returned for another six months to do an internship – and that still wasn’t enough. 

I decided the next best thing to traveling myself must be to plan travel, so I took a desk job at a study abroad company organizing trips for college students. I booked their travel, planned every detail, and watched them from afar enjoying every country & culture across the globe. It was depressing and my desire to travel was stronger than ever before.

As I approached my 30th birthday, I was ready to take the leap. So I secured a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa that would allow me to spend a year in the country. I eventually quit my job and lived at home to build my online business. Eight months later, I packed my bags and my business and moved to New Zealand. The rest is history.

Since my year in New Zealand, I’ve spent time in Australia, Bali, Vietnam, South Korea, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and others for varying amounts of time. You can usually find me in a local coffee shop laptopping, exploring the outdoors, and making new friends wherever I go.

Now, as a Digital Nomad Coach, it’s my job to help people just like you transition into the work from anywhere life so you can have more flexibility and freedom to do what you love. I speak from experience when I say, going fully remote was the best, most freeing decision I’ve ever made. I want that for you, too.

I’ll help you create a work remote life you love.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. 

It’s time to see it.