Tool Tip: Facebook News Feed Eradicator

Phone screen set to the facbook login page with scrabble letters spelling out Social Media

Do you find yourself wasting time being distracted on Facebook every time you login EVEN THOUGH you tell yourself you’ll just post one quick thing and pop off?

But then you find yourself scrolling through pictures of a 3-year old’s birthday party, an old high school friend’s wedding pictures, reading an inspirational quote from a fellow entrepreneur and then stopping on an advertisement for a new course which of course you now have to know everything about……..

And before you know it you’ve spent a good 40 minutes on Facebook and can’t even remember why you got on in the first place?!

Ever wanted to disable the News Feed option so that while you are working you can perform your social media duties without getting side tracked?

👇 Enter the Facebook News Feed Eradicator Browser Extension 👇

The Facebook News Feed Eradicator Chrome Extension is where all of distracting posts go to die
Add the Browser Extension to Replace the Distracting Posts with a Nice Inspirational Quote

How it works:

1) From your desktop, simply search for “News Feed Eradicator” followed by your browser of choice (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). You can also visit their website here:

2) Add said free extension and make sure it is turned on.

3) Go to Facebook and be greeted by an inspiring quote where your News Feed previously existed.

My Eradicated News Feed on my Facebook Home Page replaced with a nice quote from Lao Tzu that reads, "Great acts are made up of small deeds." The smallest of deeds being to remove your News Feed all together.
My Facebook Home Page using the News Feed Eradicator

You still have the ability to post or navigate to your group or business page as well as check your notifications. Allowing you to spend dedicated and focused time on social media and only engage with the posts most important to you.

That’s it! Now go show Facebook who is boss!

Facebook Thumbs up icons overlayed on one another creating a cluster of likes... sort of just like how Facebook makes my brain feel.
This is sort of how Facebook makes my brain feel. If you “like” this post give me a thumbs up!

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