Essential Tools for Online Business Owners

As an online business owner, I’ve come to rely on quite a few tools and softwares to help me do my job most efficiently. Some of these tools I’ve already written a post about, but I wanted to share some others that have become integral to my daily productivity.

Here is my list of essential tools for any online business owner :

Note: this is not an exhaustive list of all online tools you could use for your business. These are just the tools that I’ve found I use almost everyday working online.

Google Drive

It’s important for any business owner to be able to access important documents quickly but also have them stored in a safe place. Saving larger items in Google Drive like pictures, logos, videos, etc also helps keep your computer from running out of space.

Google Sheets/Docs

Another Google product I use frequently are their Sheets & Docs. If you’re not familiar they are similar to Microsoft Word and Excel. I also have microsoft office installed on my laptop but I find that I frequently defer to use sheets & docs. They can be easily shared with others who can also update them in real time which saves the hassle of sending documents back and forth for editing.

Everything Google

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google search, you name it I probably use it. All of my email addresses are through google including my custom domain email address which uses G-Suite.


This is my online business organizer/brainstorm holder/life keeper. I absolutely love Trello for keeping track of my to-dos, wants, and needs for each week. Check out my previous post on Why I Love Trello for more details.


Very similar to Google Drive, but I find myself using Dropbox with most of my clients. It’s an easy way to share photos, branding information, marketing emails, etc. It’s free to use and they’ve added a new feature called “Paper” which works similarly to Google Docs.


If you have to create graphics for ANYTHING- social media posts, website headers, flyers, resumes, presentations, etc, Canva is the best tool for amateur and experienced designer alike. You can use a very wide range of tools with just a free account and customize any design you would like.

Check out my previous post on the Canva Color Palette Generator for tips on finding a branding color palette.

Timer Chrome Extension

Extremely helpful in it’s simplicity. It’s a extension that you can add to your Chrome Browser to give you a countdown timer. You could use your phone, but we all know how easy it is to get distracted. And if you follow the Pomodoro Technique  than you’ll need a good and easy timer.


Get distracted easily? We all know the feeling which is why I absolutely love having Momentum as my homepage. You simply download the chrome extension and each day it gives me a beautiful landscape photo, an inspiring quote, the time, and a prompt that says, “Good morning/afternoon, Tayler. What is your main focus for today?” Then provides a space to write in 1 item! That’s it. Just one thing to focus on. It really makes you think and prioritize. Once I complete it I can check it off and add another item.


This is my CRM system. It is how I keep track of potential clients, current clients, send invoices, get paid, etc. For more details on Why I Love Dubsado, check out my previous post on it.


Another free tool that I use to keep all of these tools in once place! After downloading the desktop app onto your computer you can choose which tools and programs you want “short cut” access to. It sort of like having all your tabs open at once, but without having to clog up your browser with 100 tabs open.

Their tagline is “one app to rule them all.” Check it out here.


And another free online software I use to help me track my time. There are paid versions to provide more features, but for simply tracking your time and viewing summary and detailed reports of your work the free version is perfectly sufficient. Toggl has been a must have for me since day 1.

PayPal Business

Online shopping, receiving payments, sending payments, paying taxes, PayPal can do it all. If you already have a personal PayPal account, you can upgrade to the Business account for no additional cost and get business support features like the ability to send invoices through the system.


My personal website is hosted through WordPress and while I may not be on it every day, I use it to keep all my business information updated and to host my blog. I also have a couple of clients who use WordPress for their sites an I use my knowledge of my own site when updates are needed.


My password keeper! In today’s world, with so many passwords to keep track of this is an essential life tool in my opinion. To learn more about its features check out my previous post on Why I Love LastPass.


There you have it. My list of tools I use almost every day, with most of them being free. It’s really never been easier to be an online business owner! If you have other tools you use regularly let me know in the comments below. 👇

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