Tool Tip: Canva Color Palette Generator

Ever have a picture that you loved and wished you could replicate the color palette? Well, Canva has got you covered. While there are a lot of good color palette generators out there (Material Palette, Paletton, Adobe Color Wheel and Color Palettes just to name a few) Canva is the only one, that I know of, that allows you to upload your own photo and have a palette generated for you with the associated hex codes and everything.

How it Works:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload or drag and drop you image
  3. Wait a few seconds for it to load…
  4. Voila! Your color palette is your oyster!

Now from this point there isn’t a way to download the palette so if you like it you’ll want to take a screenshot of the page for future reference. Or if you like all but one of the colors, for example, you could put it in to one of the generators mentioned above and trade out that color for one that is still complementary, but that you like better.


This is the photo I started with:


Here is the generated color palette:


And here are a few more photos I tried out with their associated palettes:



Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 1.33.15 PM.png


A little about Canva

If you’ve ever needed to make nice looking social media graphics, resumes, handouts, banners, etc than it is an excellent software to get to know. It is a free graphic design website tool and you can start from scratch or from a template and customize every inch of your design. It’s very user friendly and will make you feel like a real designer!

Their purpose is to “empower the world to design” and they do just that. Beyond enabling you to create free designs they also have a very helpful blog that provides suggestions, tips and insights that dive deeper into the theory of design. I can’t recommend Canva highly enough especially considering how much they offer for free. There is of course paid versions of their software that will allow you to do more things like save your branding fonts & logos (you can save up to 3 branding colors in the free version already) as well as access to even more pictures and designs, but for the casual user what they provide in the free version is more than sufficient.


So if you are stuck coming up with some branding colors or even a color to paint your living room wall, but have a picture that you love! Well pop it in and the color palette generator and see what comes out.

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