Why Dubsado is My Chosen CRM System

Get your notebook and dazzle your clients with your fancy CRM system Dubsado


Update #1:  November 2018

Update #2: February 2019


I’ve been using Dubsado for a while now and I absolutely love it! I also have clients who use the system so I’ve been able to test out a lot of the features and use it in different ways. Below are some of my top reasons why I love Dubsado and why I recommend it to any business as their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.


1) Automated Workflows

Want that email sent after the client signs their contract? Check. ✅

Want your recurring invoices and reminder emails to be sent on time, every time? Check. ✅

Have a long complicated onboarding series that is eating up all of your time? Check. ✅


Not only that, but if you are having trouble figuring out how to best set up your workflow they offer free 1:1 sessions with someone on their support team to help get you set up.


The workflow feature is really great for businesses who have the same set up processes for every client. For example, a wedding photographer. You can set up a proposal form where the client selects the package they want, have them immediately move on to the contract and then make their down payment all in one sitting! Bada bing, bada boom!


It can be a little more challenging to set up workflows for those businesses whose clients are all a little different. For example, each one of my clients has a contract specific to our agreement on projects, hours and length of time, but it takes much less than time than I previously spent on the paperwork.


If you are to the point where the admin tasks are eating up a lot of your time each week then it may be time to start automating some of those workflows!


2) Drag and Drop Form Editor


If you don’t know how to code or format things well, then no worries, Dubsado can help you create beautiful forms with very little effort.


Firstly, they have a library of proposals, contracts and other forms for different types of businesses so if this is your first time sending out documents to your clients, you don’t have to figure it all out from scratch. (But if you want to start from scratch you certainly can.)


Secondly, as the header suggests, the forms are drag and drop meaning if you decide you need to add in a dropdown box towards the top of your form, just click on the option, add it and then drag it where you want.


Here is a screenshot of the Elements that you can add to any form.

Dubsado has a myriad of drag and drop elements you can add to edit your forms, questionnaires and contracts. It's easy peasy to use.


Here is a screenshot of what it looks like editing text. You can add Smart Fields to your form to make them more personal.


WYSIWYG Editor and Smart Fields make your forms look good and well smart.


You can add videos, pictures, package options, beautiful link buttons, text, yes/no responses, drop downs, free response, your branding colors and smart fields.


Creating a form has never been so easy- Really!


3) Easy Invoicing & Payment


This is personally my most used feature.


Dubsado connects with Stripe, PayPal and Square so you can easily get paid by your clients. You can also choose to set up ACH accounts to bypass Stripe or Paypal and get paid directly. As of Feb 2019, you can set up auto charging invoices with both Stripe & Square.


The invoice is sent by email with a link to review the invoice and pay right then and there. You can also set up payment reminder emails to go out at specific times. If they pay, no reminder is sent. If not, they’ll get a little nudge. 😉


The setup is simple and beautiful.


You can also see your financial overview right from the Dashboard and you can connect Dubsado with Quickbooks so come tax time you’ve got it all figured out.


Here is a sample invoice.

Invoices have never looked so good with the information laid out in a simple and easy to read format


4) The Dubsado Support Team


Possibly their BEST feature.


They are always quick to reply and are always very helpful. I find that I’ve mostly contacted them about setting up recurring invoices and the person helping has always found a solution in one sitting. As I mentioned above they also offer free 1:1 sessions to help get you set up if you want to bypass the DIY approach.


Their goal is to make the system user friendly and customizable to every business and from what I’ve seen they are doing a really great job.


Their co-owner/founder, Becca, even frequently pops in to the Facebook community group to answer questions, provide support and see what others are saying. I mean, how many other companies can say that?


5) Client Portal

I think this is a huge incentive to their system! Not only do I have a place to keep all of my client information organized, but my clients can also login to their dedicated portal to review their contracts or forms they’ve signed and see all former communication. No more digging through email to find that one email that you know exists! (We’ve all been there.)


This is a feature that I know I’m not using to the fullest capacity and will be diving into more of its functionalities in the future.


Here is what the Client Portal looks like which is all customizable. (Note: I’ve seen some much more creative and prettier portal designs than this so don’t let my so-so design discourage you!)


What do you need? Business Info, Check Emails, Review Contracts or Past Invoices? It's all kept in the Client Portal



Client Portal Bonus:


You can now white label your client portal domain making your system look even more professional. This means you can change out the dubsado domain to your url to your domain. #winning


This is just one example of a new feature that they’ve introduced recently. In fact, they keep a blog post updated on what features they are working on, what’s upcoming and what is an idea for the future. Now that’s a Bonus!


6. Built In Scheduler


As of November 2018 they have released their scheduler feature. This was one of the most commonly requested features and it’s here! It’s work similarly to Calendly or another schedule booking system.


It is so nice and slick and I am stoked to try it out. I’ve been using calendly for the last year and their improvement of features does make it a little hard to leave. But to be able to get rid of one more system and keep EVERYTHING all in one place is too attractive to not give it a try. Full features of the scheduler system can be found here.


Here’s what your client sees when booking an appointment with you.

Easy to use Scheduler with the dates clearly laid out and the times available for each of them nestled underneat. Time zone is also adjustable.


And a copy of the confirmation email both you and your client receive. Automatic email notifications can also be sent out.

Appointment Confirmation Email with all details listed out and buttons included in case someone needs to cancel or reschedule


For All the Great Features, It’s Not All Rainbows and Butterflies

Of course I’ve come across a few limitations in the system that I feel I should also cover.

  • It has limited connections with Zapier and with outside systems. Reading the posts in the Dubsado Community Facebook Group, some of the most common questions seem to ask how to connect an existing system they use with Dubsado. Sometimes there are good solutions, sometimes not. I’m sure more integrations and functionalities will come with more time, but it would be nice if an action in an outside system, like a course being purchased on another platform could trigger an action in Dubsado like sending a contract or form.
  • They have some really cool features in the works and keep their community updated on what they are currently working on and what is in the pipeline, but for some people a few of those features can’t come soon enough.
  • While the interface is fairly simple, it did take me some time to get everything set up. I watched a lot of videos in their help center and spent time editing, saving, checking, editing again, saving, checking, etc. It was a bit tedious at times, but once you are set up than it’s more maintenance than anything.


Overall It Is A Highly Effective System that I Recommend


If you are looking for a CRM system to keep you organized, look professional and get some automations set up, Dubsado is a great option!


It is free for the first 3 clients so you can try it out with no strings attached. Seriously, your first 3 clients are free so you can see exactly how it all works and whether or not it would be beneficial to your business with no time limit attached.


If you are interested, you can get 20% off your first month using my affiliate link. If you have any questions about Dubsado leave a comment below 👇


Dream in Color with Dubsado as your new CRM System

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