I Recommend…. The Suitcase Entrepreneur

For business inspiration, one of the people that I follow is Natalie Sisson. Natalie is a New Zealand native with a thirst for adventure and dedication to living a life of freedom. She is the author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur and host of her own Quest for Freedom podcast and vlog.

Natalie started her digital nomad journey without any idea how she would do it but with the will to make it work. Someone suggested the name “Suitcase Entrepreneur” and her business was born. She teaches others how to build a profitable business that can be done from anywhere in the world and she’s been a huge inspiration to me as I’ve began my journey!

I recently finished reading her book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, which was updated and re-published in 2017. It was such an informative, helpful and honest book about getting started as a digital nomad, that I highly recommend it to others who are looking to do the same. 

Here is the official description of the book:

“Now in its third edition, The Suitcase Entrepreneur teaches readers how to package and sell their skills to earn enough money to be able to work and live anywhere, build a profitable online business, and live life on their own terms. With new material pertinent to today’s business world, readers will receive the blueprint to create their ideal lifestyle and become their own digital nomad.”

3 Reasons Why I Recommend It:

1) It’s Organized Really Well and Allows You to Skip Around

The book is broken down into 3 Acts; Act 1: The World of Digital Nomads, Act 2:  How to Build an Online Business and Act 3: How to Take Your Business on the Road.

I love how she has broken down the chapters and encourages you to start wherever is more relevant to you. Already started your business? Head to Act 3! Already a seasoned traveler looking to get a business up and running head to Act 2! The information in the book can be referenced over and over again depending on where you are in the process which is why the organization of it is perfect.

In Act 1 you get to hear her story and find out her favorite online tools to being a digital nomad. This is the shortest act and is only a couple of chapters long. 

In Act 2 she focuses solely on how to build an online business. She breaks down everything from the different types of businesses one could have and dives further into the different areas to consider when you get started (location, citizenship, social media, productivity, outsourcing, etc). She basically hands you the blueprint and so much more!

In Act 3 she dives into the travel aspect of being a digital nomad. She takes her years of experience to provide a lot of good advice, honesty on the realities of constant travel and even comments from fellow digital nomads on their experience. She dives into travel personas, relationships, and how to prepare for the unexpected. I consider myself to be pretty travel savvy but even I learned a lot in this act!

2) It’s Still Relevant Today

Even though she originally wrote the book back in 2013 and the online business world has changed so much since then- everything she has to say is still relevant today. Granted, she did update it in 2017 but I believe the common sense and experience she imbeds into the book will be relevant for years to come.

I’ve read books on marketing with social media, and while they provided a lot of good information and I still learned something from them, the reality is that the Facebook game has changed quite a bit. And new social media sites are constantly popping and changing the game. Natalie’s book isn’t like that. Everything she writes about can still be applied to business and travel today.

3) She provides additional (free) resources through her website

Instead of bogging the book down with tons of lists she has a page on her website where you can download these additional resources for free. She also provides links to everything that she mentioned in the book! Not to say that she doesn’t provide any lists or helpful information in the book, but instead of trying to fit it all in she focuses on the most important suggestions and directs you to her website for more information such as a packing list. This is not only practical, but so smart as a way to direct physical book readers to her online presence. Win, win!

2018 is the year I will begin my Digital Nomad Journey and if you’re in a similar situation or just want to learn more about what that life could be like I highly recommend The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life by Natalie Sisson. It’s a comprehensive and insightful book about where you are, where you might be going and what it takes to get there.

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