Why I Love LastPass

It’s one of my favorite online tools! Seriously. It’s like GPS to the modern era, where you think, “What did I do before this?”

Before LastPass I ……

  • used the same password for everything because it was the one I had memorized
  • stored new passwords I was forced to create in the notes app on my phone (not safe!)
  • and constantly forgot those new passwords forcing me to re-set them and start the cycle all over again

With LastPass I…..

  • Have stronger passwords
  • Use different passwords for different sites
  • Have a secure place to store sensitive information
  • Only have to remember 1 password!

It’s become my #1 time saving tool and everything I ever wanted.

Let me list the ways in which it saves me time.

  1. I never have to try and remember passwords anymore (there is a desktop extension and phone app to assist)
  2. I don’t have to constantly change my passwords because LP remembers them all for me
  3. It fills in passwords for me (this is my favorite!)
  4. If I can’t think of another unique and extra strong password, it’ll generate one for me.
  5. If I do change a password, it knows and with one click I can update it in my vault.
  6. Beyond passwords, it can store other sensitive information like passport info, credit card details, etc
  7. And then it will auto-fill them for you if needed
  8. Security alerts if one of your accounts may be at risk
  9. Security auditing so you know where your weaknesses are where to strengthen your passwords
  10. Oh AND you can share (or others can share with you) their login information. No more emailing details back and forth where they aren’t safe. Perfect if you work with a lot of clients and need access to their accounts.

And this is all in the free version.

They also offer paid versions of their system that are available for families and businesses. So if you have a small or large team of people that need passwords and business details to their job on a daily basis, LastPass can be a great solution for you.

Regardless of why or how you choose to use LastPass I believe it’s a great tool for anyone. I’ve personally been using it for the last 6 months and I haven’t found anything about it that I don’t like. I would even argue that I underutilize the tool and could be using it in a much bigger capacity.

You can get started for free here: https://www.lastpass.com/

You can also watch this short video I created that walks you through some of the things the system can do and what it looks like on the inside.

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